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Kathleen Loy

Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapist, CMHt, Registered Nurse RN, Registered Midwife RM.


I am unable to see any new clients until I relocate to Deloraine Tasmania

at the end of October


Kathleen Loy RN RM CMHt
22 Condello Cres
Edensor Park 2176
mob 0403483883

phone 0296108252






Live the life you deserve!

Take control of your life with the unlimited power of your mind. You can make those changes you want for yourself.


As a Registered Nurse, I am always thankful and amazed at the advances of medical science, but as a Hypnotherapist, I am constantly in awe of the positive and significant changes my clients are able to achieve through the power of their own inner minds. The mind - body connection is greater and more powerful than most of us can even begin to comprehend. It is a privilege to assist my clients access and develop the resources and skills required for positive long lasting change.


  • Anxiety and Panic :- Can be controlled and conquered using hypnotic techniques, meditation, and breathing techniques. Hypnosis allows you to regain control of your mind and emotions.
  • Smoking :- I offer a one session stop smoking program, which includes a CD to reinforce your commitment to be a Non- Smoker one day at a time for the rest of your life, allowing you to take responsibility for your life, and your health. Regain control over this, and other habits, with the innate resources of your inner mind
  • Pregnancy, Delivery and the Purerperium :- Experience a calm and peaceful pregnancy, and a calm and peaceful delivery, this allows your baby to come into this world in the most tranquil way possible. A positive birthing experience for Mum, Dad, and Baby. The six weeks following delivery can be a stressful time for some due to feeding difficulties, sleep deprivation, or perhaps not feeling as confident as you would like. Take control of your birthing experience and enjoy this special time with your baby with my Hypnotic Pregnancy – Delivery- Post Natal Program. This program is also very effective for those of you who are to have an Elective Caesarian Section , peaceful pregnancy combined with pre – operative and post – operative suggestion for rapid healing and well being, work in conjunction with post – natal enhancement, enables a positive birthing experience for Mum, Dad, and Baby.
  • Generative Hypnosis :- Writers Block ? Don't feel those creative juices flowing as they once did ? Do you want or need to improve your creativity in any way? Need an edge to your sporting activities ? Use hypnosis to give you the boost you deserve and live to your full potential.
  • Do you have a challenge you want to meet , or goal in your life you are yet to achieve, something you have always wanted to do?

Use hypnosis, to discover within yourself, all the resources, motivation, and confidence, to achieve your goals.


  • Do you need to improve your Concentration, Memory, or Study Skills ?
  • Are you a Confident Public Speaker ?
  • Do you want to rid yourself of emotional overeating ? Specialised Weight Management
  • Use hypnosis to enable you to manage a serious illness . Use relaxation techniques, visualization skills and hypnosis to improve your immune system, and feelings of well being. This enables you to take control of your life, and your health, and well being, by using and enhancing, the mind – body connection through hypnosis.
  • Pain Management :- Use hypnosis to regain control over your chronic pain issues, learn hypnotic techniques that will enable you to feel comfortable, relaxed, and able to live your life to the full.
  • Relationships :- Do you have difficulty with commitment ? Intimacy issues ? Difficulty maintaining or enjoying fulfilling relationships ? Use hypnosis to release yourself from emotional difficulties of the past, and tap into the unlimited resources within. Enable yourself to develop and enjoy, deep and fulfilling relationships, free from the baggage of the past.


Relaxation CD and/or a CD specific to your presenting difficulty is complimentary on your first session. Files can be emailed directly to your phone or computer for convenience.


Gift Vouchers are available on request, all gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.





As Einstein said - Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, hypnosis allows you to make those changes you want for yourself, in order to achieve the results you want.


Clinic Hours ;   Monday to Friday 10am till 6pm  All Sessions By Appointment Only.

Please do not come early to appointments as the previous client will be in session, and I want to ensure each client has maximun benefit from their session.



Payment at time of Consultation. EFTPOS and CC Facilities are available for your convenience (No American Express)


Preferred Method of Payment is EFTPOS or Credit Card



Fees; Quit Smoking Session $190  (90 min session)


All other sessions are $130   (60 - 90 min sessions)


Kathleen Loy RN RM CMHt
22 Condello Cres
Edensor Park 2176

 mob 0403483883

Please only contact by mobile until further notice due to unresolved internet issue. New provider underway 




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